Social Programme for Accompanying Persons

The social programme described below is for accompanying persons and can be reserved at an additional charge.
Those who wish to join any of the trips in the country, please make a reservation in advance (extended deadline: 8 August), so we can organize accordingly.
Reservation is available during registration.

POSTOJNA CAVE VISIT, morning of Tuesday, 24th September

(Ljubljana to Postojna cave is a 45 min drive)

Starting time: 9:00 AM
Meeting point with the guide: Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ljubljana (Korytkova 2, Ljubljana)
Duration: 4 – 5 h
Return to Ljubljana: 1:00 PM
– Group of 6–9 guests: 235 € per guest
– Group of 10–12 guests: 150 € per guest

Slovenia’s central and western parts consist of Karstic landscape. For 2 million years, the rivers and rains have been eroding the soft limestone and forming caves and cave systems. One of the biggest in the world (and surely the most beautiful) is the Postojna cave, which is open to the public and can be visited by a special electric train.

After about a 45-minute scenic drive toward the West, you will reach the entry into the underground world. Before the cave adventure begins, you will be treated to a coffee to give you energy for all that awaits. You will experience the underground world of Slovenia seated in a small electric train. The cave will pass by your eyes, and with every new turn of the train, you will encounter a new scene. On a short walk (about 30 minutes) within the cave, you will explore the environment in slow motion and appreciate all the beautiful natural details, including the Proteus anguinus, an indigenous salamander lovingly called the “human fish” in Slovenian. This trip is an awe-inspiring visit to the underground world that will leave you inspired by a majestic natural beauty.

Important note for the cave visit: you should bring warm clothes as the temperature in the cave is around 10C, and half of the visit will be done by an open-air electric train. It is also quite humid, so remember to put on non-slippery shoes. You should be able to walk approximately 20-30min within the cave, slightly uphill if you want to experience the most beautful part of the cave. In case you decide not to join the group for the walk, you can wait in the train.

LAKE BLED, morning of Wednesday, 25th September

(Ljubljana to Lake Bled is a 45 min drive)

Starting time: 9:30 AM
Meeting point: Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ljubljana (Korytkova 2, Ljubljana)
Duration: 5 h
Return to Ljubljana: 2:30 PM
– Group of 6–9 guests: 240 € per guest
– Group of 10–12 guests: 155 € per guest

Lake Bled has been named the Pearl of Slovenia, or the Pearl of the Alps. This alpine lake has been attracting visitors for hundreds of years with its natural beauty and man-made landscape. Lake Bled features the oldest mentioned castle in Slovenia from the year 1011, as well as a Gothic church on top of a tiny island in the middle of the lake.

On your visit, you will embark on a traditional Pletna rowing boat on your way to the lake’s island and its medieval church of The Mother of God on the Lake, with a legend of a wishing bell. With some luck (and a hint or two), you, too, will be able to ring the wishing bell… You will also visit the Renaissance Bled Castle that sits atop a 100m cliff and features the most breathtaking views of the whole lake, as well as the highest Slovenian mountains.

The visit to Lake Bled is a beautiful way for you to spend an afternoon out in the green Slovenian nature, admiring and indulging in fresh alpine air and pristine nature with beautiful villas and a castle. You will also be treated to a traditional Lake Bled dessert – a Kremšnita cream slice with a coffee.

*Important note for the visit: there will be some walking involved: up the 99 stairs (or slightly uphill) to reach the Mary’s Church on the Bled lake island and quite a steep walk (for about 60m) to reach the entrance of the Bled Castle. (but there will be a sweet revard on top!) You should also be able to navigate embarking and disembarking the Pletna boat.


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